Yoga Studio Website

breathing space studio.

The challenge of creating a
compatible virtual space.

Breathing Space Yoga Studio is a peaceful, contemporary space tucked away in the Aspen Mountains. Their classes differ from the teachings commonly found in most yoga programs in this area, and their team wanted to create a website that will make that fact as clear and as appealing as possible.

Their clients are seeking a personalised approach, they know what they want and they know how to recognise a service that will fit them perfectly. When it comes to website design, the challenge was to communicate the team’s expertise and their uniqueness with the right choice of aesthetics, but at the same time, to make the user experience straightforward and clear.

Know your audience.

Breathing Space Yoga focuses on keeping class sizes small (under 20 students) to properly coach and instruct them on an individual level. Their personalised service has become their hallmark meaning their classes are often booked well in advance.

That’s why the Empowered team aimed for a clean approach when designing the website – Breathing Space Yoga know exactly what they want and are only employing the expertise of experts to achieve their goals.


Keep it simple.

When you have a clear and precisely defined audience, the goal is to satisfy their intent without complicating the user experience. The landing page has all the info; who are the instructors, how can they help the visitors, and where is the studio exactly. Want to book a class now? Sure, just click on the ‘Call To Action’ and choose the date you want - you’ll get the confirmation email in seconds. This CTA also serves to get those email addresses they’ll need in order to make their marketing campaign more successful.

They know that there’s no better way to get new members than to offer them a chance to try out the programs without paying the full membership and that’s why they made a CTA that leads them to a two week trial – we decided to put that CTA on the landing page because it shows that they are confident in their service. If a visitor is still not convinced in booking a class and needs social proof of the client’s competency, there’s a social media feed under the footer that will easily connect Breathing Space Yoga Studio with the user, and enhance trustworthiness. The result is a website that generates leads, communicates the brand’s story and a great experience for the user.