Bridge Fitness Website

Fun, fitness for women.

Bridge Fitness is an all-female, friendly, outdoor training group. Their focus is on empowering women and boosting their confidence by creating an active community which keeps their members highly motivated.

Bridge Fitness decided to have a major brand makeover and they needed a new website to
match. Keeping in mind that most of the website visitors are active women, the Empowered team came to a conclusion that the web design should be mobile-focused.

Designing for movement.

Bridge Fitness is all about the enjoying the movement; feeling free, elated and strong.

The goal was to transfer those emotions into a digital environment with a similar notion. The video on the landing page reveals the unique atmosphere of their workout sessions; it motivates and engages the visitor while showcasing the team spirit, filmed in stunning locations around Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

Group Training at Bridge Fitness

Web Design vs Content
Which is more important?

The client had a lot of valuable content to offer which can be quite a challenge. In order to deepen audiences’ engagement, our team used the timeless design principles; white space, spacing and layout. The goal was to present the content clearly and effectively while encouraging the audience to visit, download, and read all the useful content that the Bridge Fitness team has to offer.