Definition Fitness

Creating a website for the Definition Fitness team was a true pleasure.

Definition Fitness is a state of art training facility. As a leading force in the New South Wales fitness world, they needed a website that would not only showcase their services but also make visitors feel empowered and ready to start building the best version of themselves.

That’s not an easy task, and why they reached out to the Empowered team. The first step was to take a closer look at the target audience and to figure the first step towards making lead generation as easy as possible.

Get to know your website visitor.

The most important part of their web design was the mobile first approach. Definition Fitness members and potential leads are always on the go. They are active, they know what they want and they certainly don’t want to lose time. And then there’s Google; we all know how smart this search engine is and it loves mobile friendly sites -we all want our rankings as high as possible, right?

The main objective was lead generation and the main idea was to enable members to quickly sign up and pay for their online programs. That’s why the Empowered team created a simple custom Stripe payment popup which later proved to be extremely effective in both satisfying the users’ needs and serving as a lead magnet.

Definition Fitness Gym

Blow a “KISS” to your design.

The Definition Fitness crew had a strong message and our team followed the KISS rule in order to share this in the most captivating way.

The aim was to make the whole website experience personal and warm and that’s why the
Empowered team used video and photography as their main tools.

But what if they miss the video? The training space is breathtaking and website photography speaks to this in the best possible way.

The most important information is on the homepage; how their team can help you, who are they, what they’ve done so far and what you should expect. It’s clutter free in terms of menu structures, call to action buttons and design which allows the visitors to find their way quickly and effortlessly. The result? The Definition Fitness website is tailored to their ideal fitness warrior!

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