Enliven Coaching

Zero mediocrity.

Enliven Coaching is the largest independent gym on the Northern Beaches. What makes them stand apart from the competition is the strong sense of community and they needed a website to support that vision.

The Empowered team did a complete redesign in order to help Enliven Coaching build stronger brand awareness, to help them get more class signups and more leads.

Transferring the real life awesomeness into a digital world.

There is no better way to capture the unique sense of comradery, badass workouts and uplifting environment of Enliven Coaching than to showcase a video on the landing page. Combine that video with inspiring music and you’ll have your members pumped for their next session!

One of the main design goals was to make that wish happen as quickly as possible - that’s one of the reasons why all the important information and call to action buttons are on the main page. Yet all the content needed is presented simply but effectively

Enliven Coaching, Brookvale

Web design as a tool
to motivate and empower.

Enliven Coaching already has a community. They are proud of their experienced team and the inspiring stories of their clients; the aim was to put that great credibility in focus in order to gain trust but also, to point out all the benefits they offer. The content was rich, but the design remained flat, elegant and transparent – that was the most demanding task.

Now the visitors can learn everything they need to know about Enliven Coaching as soon as they land on the website. But they can also feel inspired and motivated. They feel empowered to push their limits! That was our main goal.

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