Field Goals Fitness

Field Goals Fitness: Knowledge is power.

Field Goals Fitness from Bondi, Sydney has been helping people to improve their quality of life and to stay in shape since 2009. They needed a website that would not only serve as a lead magnet but that also helped them to provide clients with useful information.

Field Goals Fitness team consists of true specialists who are more than willing to share their knowledge throughout blog and free e-books. The idea was to provide users with value and to point out the benefits of working with Field Goals’ experienced team.

Their target audience knows what they want, and they know how to recognise quality – that’s why the Empowered team aimed for a clean yet professional approach.

High conversion rate.

As soon as you land on the homepage, it’s clear why you should book a training session. Our team made the effort to indicate the brand's benefits, to provide useful information, and to place clear CTA’s so the user doesn’t have to wander to find what he’s looking for.

We used photography as the main design tool in order to tell the brand’s story and to showcase real-life results.

Flat design helped in making their message clear - we wanted to put all the focus on the amazing benefits of this brand.

Field Goals Website

To another level - Designing an app

Field Goals Fitness needed two additional websites for their startup projects and an app to follow.

The first project was The Urban Dash - a corporate event that has been designed to assist in team building, leadership skills in communication, listening, and teamwork. While designing this website, the Empowered team mostly used video and photography as communication tools – the idea was to bring the atmosphere of these events to life.

Following this was the 12 Week Corporate Challenge website and a custom online training app. Our team strived to make the design of the website and the app consistent and recognisable. We used elegant style and a minimalistic approach in order to capture the sophistication and the clarity of the brand's voice.

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