Kula Health Brisbane Website

Kula Health Website & SEO

Your happy healing place.

Kula Health had a vision of a new website that will not only increase brand awareness and online bookings but also differentiate them from the competition. They are one of the best mindful wellness teams in Brisbane and they imagined a website that would communicate that sense of culture as soon as you land.

Sophistication lies in Simplicity.

Empowered aimed for a simple design with clear call to actions.

One of the biggest challenges was to distill the complex brand nature of Kula Health into a design that’s utterly simple and clear. The goal was not only to complement the company’s message with every design aspect and to point out only the necessary elements but also to make those elements seem cohesive and elegant when combined.

Kula Health, Newstead

Improving SEO ranking of the Kula Health website.

Keeping in mind the importance of optimisation, the Empowered team conducted a full SEO strategy for Kula Health.

The main intention was to improve the usability and user experience. All the pages are carefully structured with a goal to provide the user with the desired information and to make the content optimised for search.