Natural Therapy Associates

Natural Therapy Associates

Defining website goals.

Natural Therapy Associates wanted a website that would showcase their massage, osteopathy and nutrition services. But they also wanted to create a digital space that would educate, inspire and motivate the members of their community to lead healthier and happier lives.

This North Sydney based therapy center was on a mission to provide value to its website visitors, to get more leads and to build brand awareness.

Emphasising Usability.

The main idea was to help the users to understand certain actions and messages quickly by achieving a cohesive visual and functional design. That’s why the Empowered team used simple imagery which not only makes understanding the message simple, but also takes away the need for excessive copy.

The result was simple, minimalistic web design where functionality and aesthetics are in complete harmony.

Natural Therapy Associates

The importance of flat web design.

The great thing about flat design is that it offers effective support for quick and intuitive navigation in web and mobile interfaces. By decreasing the layers of navigation and the number of pages, the Empowered team also improved the website speed.

Flat web design utilises white space, typography, and color which makes text and CTAs pop - the most important information for the visitor is always the center of attention.

“Focus on the user and all else will follow”

Mobile responsiveness and a simple interface are not only convenient and aesthetically pleasing for the users; the flat design works great for boosting a brand’s image for web crawlers.

Search engines value websites with great UX and all of those factors can eventually lead up to higher SEO rankings. That’s why the Empowered team deliver simplicity, clarity, and value.