The Wellness Guide Website

Creating a unique digital environment for wellbeings across Australia

The Wellness Guide is Australia’s first online directory which connects wellbeings across Australia by showcasing an inspiring collection of delicious healthy eats, trendy fitness studios, mindful yoga spaces and serene spas. This unique approach deserves a design that is not only user-friendly but also distinctive, polished and elegant.

Visual authenticity as the
main design language.

Key target audiences are male and female wellbeings across Australia. Health & Wellness businesses who want to grow their business through organic, foot traffic and website traffic, as well as those who want to discover new, healthy and local gems in their city.

Whilst conducting research, our team concluded that the most supportive communication tool for this target audience is photography. It showcases the listings quickly and accurately while also giving the users an impression of familiarity and trust.

Flat, minimalistic design with vivid, high-quality photography makes for a strong combo, making the Wellness Guide’s visual identity unique and fresh.

The Wellness Guide Website
The Wellness Guide Listings

User centered design.

Two types of navigation provide users with great user experience enabling them to browse throughout the main navigation and to search over the main bar. While browsing, users can also see where the location is on a map, but they can also check the nearest physical alternatives.

The main challenge was to create a unique experience that will not only serve the informational purpose, but be a desirable environment for business owners; the goal was to truly connect wellbeings all over Australia and to build a strong sense of community. A community that is carefully built to support wellbeings who are trying to live better, healthier and happier lives.

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