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Social Media Marketing brings your sales pitch directly to the customers but it can also build brand awareness and help you tell your brand’s story in the most appealing way. It allows you to reach the right people at the perfect time using tailored ad copy and graphics that fit your brand's voice perfectly.

Our Social Media Marketing Services help your business grow brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic.

What kind of results can I expect?

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Higher conversion rates

Improved brand loyalty

Improved search ranking

Increased brand awareness

Social Media Marketing

How building engagement through social media impacts your business?

By building a strong connection through engagement with your audience you are enhancing the possibility of them buying your product or booking your service. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection with the audience will be.

We’ll help you to increase the number of page likes and comments by creating engaging and unique content that will not only tell your brand’s story to the world but it will also directly influence sales and bookings.

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This is how we do it.

Your own Social Media Manager

Your account will be assigned to a Social Media Manager that will learn more about your business. You will be able to communicate with your manager daily and he will be your primary contact.

Our team is dedicated; creative, responsible and highly skilled but most importantly they know how to listen. You can be sure that your ideas and goals will be a top priority.

Developing a strategy

This part is the most important and it’s all about the research.

Our team will conduct a competitive analysis; we’ll develop a buyer’s persona for your business and define an effective content strategy. This phase also includes developing advertising strategies and funnels for your online campaigns.

Getting creative – Creating Content Calendars

After we create a strategy, we’ll create social media content that will fit your brand’s voice.

You’ll have the opportunity to review everything in advance and to provide feedback before the content goes live.

Calendars are prepared monthly and after each month we’ll measure the results. The idea is to keep producing content that’s performing well and to continually create new and creative ways to engage with our audience.


Our social media marketing packages include daily management and growth hacking. Aside from paid advertising, we’ll use organic tactics to grow your online channels.

We strive to create content that is truly relevant to the users. If it awes them they’ll put the effort to share the story across their social networks and that’s how local businesses can go viral and showcase their brand to hundreds of thousands of people.


Measurement is the key to every successful campaign. Our team will prepare monthly reports and you’ll have access to the reporting software to view the progress of your campaigns.

We understand that social media monitoring tools and the metrics that they bring are crucial to the success of the campaigns. By analyzing the results we’ll continually make improvements that will bring you more and more exposure and a rock-solid reputation.

What our clients say.

You have the Q's. We have the A's.

Our team is dedicated to providing as much transparency and value to you as possible. Below are a few answers to common questions for Social Media Marketing.

Social media has changed the way that consumers communicate with businesses and by being accessible you are building relationships with your customers.

When you build a strong relationship with the potential clients it’s more than likely that they’ll book your service.

No, but you’ll need to create a strategy because if you don’t plan you are planning to fail.

It might feel tempting to post on every social media network because it seems like you are increasing your visibility but you should probably conduct a research first and figure out what social media networks your customers are using the most.

There’s really no need to spend your time and energy on social networks that are not gaining your audience’s attention.

The type of content your customers really want to see because it all comes down to knowing your audience.

Before creating content you should know all about their lifestyle, desires and pain points. That way, you’ll create content that they’ll enjoy and feel eager to share with their followers and friends.

It depends on your industry and demographics. In general, you should post no less than twice a week but there’s no upper limit. Driving traffic to your website is important because
Google gives more prominence to websites that are updated on a frequent basis.

Almost every company needs a blog for social media marketing. Aside from the benefits it provides on its own, company blog will increase your brand’s credibility and provide unique, SEO optimized content.

If you don’t have fresh blog posts on your website you won’t really have a lot to say to your followers and you won’t be driving as much traffic to your site. It’s all about creating content that will be beneficial to your users without selling too much.

It depends. In some cases, paying for social media advertising might be crucial to the success of your campaign but sometimes it’s convenient to get your content seen organically.

It depends on the number of your fans, the platform you are using, and your budget.

With the algorithmic feed changes in most platforms, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your content seen organically.

Social Media ROI represents the amount you earned from your campaigns minus the amount you invested.

It’s important to have in mind that ROI might look different depending on your goals so if you are using social media to get leads, your return won’t be the same as it would if you were using it just to build brand awareness.


If you have a business you have an audience. You can use social media as a platform to educate and entertain your customers no matter what industry you are in.

Let’s say you are just doing taxes. People often find that industry pretty boring but you can always put together a fun social media campaign that your audience can relate to. If you have a story people will listen to it, as long as it’s well told.

If you don’t have it, you end up posting content and hoping that something sticks. When you develop a strategy you can plan, execute and measure your results. Those analyses will help you to refine your content, drive more traffic and get more sales.

It depends on the time and effort you are putting into your social media marketing management but it also depends on your budget, the quality of your strategy and whether you are using paid ads or not.

You should be patient and persistent because social media marketing is not a race – it’s a marathon. Always put quality in focus and don’t forget about the most important thing; to deliver value to your audience.

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