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We offer website services to local gyms and fitness pros who want to empower their brand, to get more leads and boost sales.
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Design is the single most important element of your website, it creates trust, adds credibility and is user-friendly. Our beautiful designs will give you a legup onto the web.

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Websites for Gyms & FItness Pros

We offer fully inclusive monthly packages starting from just $50/week.

Our gym websites are based on our own Lead Generation Framework, which we've custom designed and built from the ground up with a focus on generating leads for your business.
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Built to generate leads

Empowered utilises the latest opt-in functionality to help you capture more leads. We offer multiple types of lead generation forms such as popups, floating bars, sidebar forms, and more.

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We take care of everything

We offer free and unlimited changes. That’s right, anytime you want to make an update or a change we’ll take care of it for you.

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Inspiring Designs

Our beautiful designs will give you a legup onto the web. We’ll then work with you to customise your site to perfection.

Affordable Pricing

We like to keep things simple. So we’ve kept our pricetag lean and not-at-all-mean. Our packages starting from just $50

24/7 Support

We’re proud of our passionate customer care team. They’re available to give you a helping hand around the clock.

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Fit for every device

Your site will look great on every device from the get-go. So you can collect leads no matter where your traffic is coming from.

The power of community

Join our wellness guide a community of like minded health & wellness businesses from around Australia.

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The hosts with the mosts

Locking down desirable real estate on the web can be messy. Our packages include reliable hosting, scalable to your needs.

How will having a great website
effect your gym?

Even though your customers can find you on social media or listings, one of the biggest parts of your online reputation comes from your website. Did you know that 75 percent of consumers say the quality of product images is the most important factor when deciding whether to buy a product? If you offer a service, a website is your product image.

Another study, conducted at Stanford in 2002, found that 46 percent of consumers made their decision to book a service or buy a product keeping in mind the website design, layout, and typography.

Listings and social media provide just a partial view of your business; you can’t personalise design and information about your business. Everything is showcased in a format that’s the same for everyone, but if you have your own website you can differentiate from competition and truly communicate your brand’s message.

If you have a website, you are online 24 hours a day; your customers and leads can visit your website if they need support, or any other information whenever it’s convenient for them.
You can’t be that accessible during your business hours, right?

You could even have a booking tool that lets your clients book an appointment - It’s almost like having a 24/7 receptionist. Let’s say your potential customer has already heard of your brand; he or she may want to carry out online research before leaving the house. Your website already has a map and directions which increases visibility. It also has all the info that your customer needs, and it’s highly responsive which makes booking a service easier.

Exactly 93% of business decisions start with a search engine search so if you don’t have a website, you are most likely reducing your potential audience size by 93%.

Your potential customers will not be restricted by business hours. If they decide to book a treatment or to schedule their workout session they can easily go online and take that action.

If you are in the fitness or wellness industry, your brand’s success is most likely measured by your ability to build offline relationships. No matter how established or well positioned your business is, having a great website will result in a dramatic boost in sales and brand awareness.

A website can help you generate more leads and sustain your old customers by offering opportunities for engagement. You can run competitions, send newsletters, or offer discounts – there is a big potential and you should use it.

Loyalty is one of the biggest goals any brand should have, and by building a strong relationship with your customers you are actually making sure that they won’t transition to another brand just because it’s cheaper or closer to their home. They’ll stay your customers because they feel comfortable and safe in using your services.

Once you invest in a website, you have it forever and it’s always marketing your services. It speaks for you even when you are on a vacation or when you don’t have the time or energy to cope with promotional activities – your website is always an advertisement for all your business capabilities.

If you advertise on radio or pay for a newspaper ad, your message is fleeting. If you don’t get a return on investment from it after it airs, you probably never will. When you invest in a website you may or may not get the return instantly, but your website will always be there giving your business exposure and credibility.

There are numerous ways to advertise online but there are also ways to gain organic website traffic. If you want to achieve value, you have to provide value, right? By regularly updating the website blog with information that your users will find informative and useful, you will always have traffic. And if you have traffic – you have customers, it’s that simple.

But one of the greatest benefits of having a website is getting valuable feedback. It’s at this point where your brand can begin to improve and grow – when you give your customers the chance to give anonymous feedback. You can use ratings, surveys or any other method you find most convenient.

If you have a business but you are not satisfied with sales and recognition, it’s time to work on your web presence and help your business grow. The digital age has created revolutionary ways for local businesses to compete with big chains and it all begins with a simple yet effective website.

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