3 Benefits of Having a Website for your Yoga Studio

Having a website for a yoga studio in this day and age has become a necessity. No matter how skilled and experienced you and your team are, if you’re not online there’s a small chance of reaching your full potential as a business.

Just imagine that you need a makeup artist for an important event, and your friend recommends the perfect person for you. Her name is Olivia and she lives in Brisbane. What happens next is that you Google “Olivia Brisbane makeup artist.”

But Olivia is nowhere to be found in your google search, or maybe her Facebook page is discovered but that’s just not enough because you need more info. The easiest solution would be to Google the same terms without her name and check her competition.

Hmm, now you click on a website with all the info you need, with testimonials, pictures, and even a calendar where you can book your session in a second. That sounds perfect, right?

It’s the same with yoga studios – in order for your business to grow you need to make it easy for members to reach you, meet you and to stay loyal.

1. Build your yoga class size

Your new website becomes the key part of your marketing toolkit and it works perfectly with email marketing and social media. Together, these tools are on a mission to boost your yoga class size and help you reach more leads.

If you’re promoting your classes through social media only, without directing them to your website, you’ll miss the key component of the lead generation process. How can you increase your class size if you’re not directing the user to your online booking system on your website?

And it’s not just about connecting with anyone - your website will help you reach your ideal clients and increase your number of members. Remember, it’s not about being a perfect fit for everyone; it’s about finding a way to stand out.

Maybe it’s your unique style or the music you play during the classes, the energy you have, or the fact that your studio is pet-friendly and likes to give back to the community. Whatever it is, a website will help you to tell your story and engage with the right audience.

Yoga Studio Website

2. Credibility: Positioning as an expert

You worked hard and you invested a lot in your knowledge. You even have a team of great instructors who are not only talented but also skilled and experienced. Why not show that to the world? Tell your story and the story of each team member because people want to see familiar faces – they want to get to know you before they book a class.

This is also a great way to build credibility in the eyes of potential clients who want to apply for a teaching job. Your business will grow and it should not compromise on quality, right?

Your website will be your networking tool which will help you to connect with the right people and build your credibility in the industry.

3. Stand out from the crowd

Building deeper relationships with your clients is a rewarding aspect of your job.

Large cities are dotted with yoga studios. There’s one on every corner and the most of them have great teachers but somehow one space really stands out. Everybody knows the name of the studio, and everybody knows someone who attends their classes regularly. But it’s not just about location or stunning décor that makes this place unique, there are dozens of similar studios – it’s the relationship with their members.

That’s where a great website plays its role! Your website is your CV and it should tell your brand's story in an engaging way. Make it full of life, blog often and blog content that really adds value to the readers – show your expertise! The more value you offer, the more you get in return.

This is where you can write free e-books in an exchange for an email address, where you can share the success of your members and make them feel special. If your website is full of life it radiates integrity – no one wants to visit a ghost town, right?

Your new website becomes a place where you can communicate your thoughts, yoga philosophy and your opinions. It gives your clients a chance to feel more connected with you and your brand which will foster future loyalty. It makes them see the value and when they see the value they’ll feel the need to talk about you with their friends – that’s when the magic happens.