The lead generating heavyweights.

Our mission. Our vision.

We are unlike any other in our field. united in vision. unique in our vision.

We create custom client-converting websites for fitness, health and wellness pros. Our niche focus means we speak your language. We understand your market. And we deliver heavyweight results.

This is our vision.

To support clients who are trying to help others live better, happier and healthier lives.

This is our mission.

To give fitness professionals the power to turn their vision into a reality. We like to think of it as empowering wellness.

Who we work with?

Our doors are open to all types of fitness pros. Personal trainers, chiropractors, physios, yogis and gym owners all come knocking. Basically, we support anyone who is in the business of changing peoples’ lives.

Our team.

Hugo Taylor Black

Hugo van den Black


I grew up in the picturesque hills of Adelaide. With surroundings like these, it’s no wonder I developed a passion for art, photography, and design.

First, though, I expressed myself through the art of gastronomy – travelling the world as a chef. For me, every plate was a blank canvas; every destination an opportunity to soak up stylistic influences. European design, especially the Nordic aesthetic, particularly spoke to me. So much so that it inspired me to pursue a new career in design.

But the thing that really got my blood pumping is health and fitness. To be specific, using my design skills for good – supporting clients who are trying to help others live better, happier and healthier lives. I’m not exaggerating when I say health and fitness completely transformed my life.

I started out Empowered by helping out friends in the fitness industry create websites that supported their goals. I also reached out to clients who moved me – like a cancer survivor who used her blog to share her story – to do pro-bono work. Now, I run Empowered full-time. My clients are my biggest motivation, and inspire me to always go the extra kilometre.

Nicolle Van Den Munckhof

Nicolle van den Black


Nicolle focus lies in the company’s Customer Operations that support hundreds of clients. Prior to joining Empowered, she served as Primary School Teacher. She received her B.E.D in education at the University of South Australia. Soon after, realising that was not her passion she decided to give it up and dedicate her time to helping health & wellness businesses.

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