Is your website a prospect generating machine?

Fitness Websites

Love it or hate it, every fit pro business needs to market in some shape or form to generate new clients.

This shouldn’t be an afterthought or something you react to after realising you’ve had more cancellations than usual.

It should be an engine that’s constantly running.

Now in the simplest terms possible, successful fit pro marketing is made up of three steps…

1. Awareness

People need to know about your fitness business and what you have to offer.

Essentially, this means you need to generate some form of “traffic”.

2. Engagement

Next, you need to make the people who are aware of you take a meaningful step to interact with your business.

Visiting a sales page, filling in a form and becoming a lead is a good example of this.

3. Conversion

Now you’ve gotta take those engaged leads and convert them into paying clients.

This is a two-part process for most fitness businesses.

First, turning leads into trialists, then turning trialists into long-term members.

There’s plenty of work that goes into each of the 3 steps, but you absolutely need all three of them if you want to acquire new clients and grow your gym business.

Lots of awareness and engagement without conversion will leave you with a hungry audience but zero clients or revenue.

And no matter how good your sales skills are, you’ll never reach the conversion point if you can’t generate awareness and engagement (leads).

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Hugo van den Black

I started out Empowered by helping out friends in the fitness industry create websites that supported their goals. I also reached out to clients who moved me – like a cancer survivor who used her blog to share her story – to do pro-bono work. Now, I run Empowered full-time. My clients are my biggest motivation, and inspire me to always go the extra kilometre.