The 10 best gyms website designs


There’s no doubt that a well designed website can be huge asset to your fitness business.

When a potential client is exploring your service offering, your website is usually the first place they look – so it’s essential to get it right.

Here’s our list of our top 10 best gym website designs.

1. Lean Bean Fitness

1. Best Gyms Website Designs - Lean Bean Fitness

KEEN AS A BEAN • Lean Bean Fitness is one of Sydney’s favourite destinations for female fitness. Classes are uniquely choreographed by experienced instructors who have backgrounds in yoga, HIIT, barre and Pilates.

2. Athletes Authority

2. Best Gyms Website Designs - Athletes Authority

WORLD-CLASS FACILITY • At Athletes Authority, you’re joining the only gym in Sydney that’s built just for athletes. They train team sport, individuals, weightlifting and powerlifting to perform at a higher level and achieve what may seem impossible.

3. Enliven Coaching

3. Best Gyms Website Designs - Enliven Coaching

FUN FITNESS • Smiling faces. Electric, uplifting atmosphere. A sense of comradeship. Badass workouts. Zero mediocrity. That’s what you can expect at Enliven Coaching.

4. Fitlab: Home of Crossfit 3000


STRENGTH AND SPIRIT • Home of Crossfit 3000: have been creating Strength, Conditioning and Community for over 10 years. FitLab builds resilience and values integrity, persistence and hard work over aesthetics and ego.

5. Cornerstone Strength & Conditioning


HIGH ACHIEVERS • Cornerstone is a premium life transformation and performance facility. Our primary objective, if for you to achieve yours and deliver amazing results.

6. Witness The Fitness

Witness The Fitness

TRANSFORM YOURSELF • Witness the FItness is an urban sanctuary where you can become the happiest, healthiest and fittest version of yourself.

7. Dalecki Strength

Dalecki Strength

OUTSIDE THE BOX • Dalecki Strength is about strengthening and empowering bodies with a supportive community, unique fitness programs and dedicated motivational coaches.

8. Falsegrip

8. Falsegrip

REBUILD YOUR BODY • Falsegrip pioneered adult gymnastics strength training in Sydney, creating a unique and fun style that builds strength, mobility and flexibility – no matter your age or fitness level.

9. Studio Kinetic

Studio Kinetic

COMMITTED COMMUNITY • Studio Kinetic is a premium training facility that helps successful professionals excel beyond their current fitness level. Their method involves high-level coaching, a positive community, and smart and fun programming.

10. Beyond Movement

Beyond Movement

UNLOCK YOUR BODY Beyond Movement’s team of specialised coaches understand how to use exercise to rebuild your body from head to toe, with a focus on the health of your joints and connective tissues.

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Hugo van den Black

I started out Empowered by helping out friends in the fitness industry create websites that supported their goals. I also reached out to clients who moved me – like a cancer survivor who used her blog to share her story – to do pro-bono work. Now, I run Empowered full-time. My clients are my biggest motivation, and inspire me to always go the extra kilometre.