5 tips to attracting better gym leads from your website

As a gym owner it’s one thing having an awesome gym website, it’s another finding the traffic and turning them into new clients.

To help maximise your efforts, we have crafted up our 5 best tips to generate more gym leads from your website.

1. Create a landing page

You have just a few seconds to convince users to stick around and spend time on your website. Adding a well-designed landing page can increase conversion rates by 75%.

A landing page is a web page that is created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It could be a sales page for a particular service. Or if your goal is to get them into your sales funnel, then you would add a downloadable resource such as a helpful e-book.

This means that they can get to know and trust you before they buy from you. By having a single focus on your landing page, such as “Gyms Leads, it greatly increases the conversion rate because a homepage has too many options which can steer them away from the primary conversion goal.

Gym Leads

2. Add a contact page

A contact page is absolutely vital. It provides a full suite of how to get in touch with you, such as your email, map location, address, phone number and social media links, or leads to a contact form. This adds multiple points of entry to your business without barriers.

3. Include your address or location

According to a study by Google, “4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information.” Half of all consumers who search for local businesses on their phone make in-person visits the same day, and 18% of local phone searches “lead to a purchase within a day.” Adding your address to your website helps boost your credibility, increase your leads and drive sales.

4. Add photos to your testimonial pages

Testimonials can be a great way to harness the power of “social proof,” so long as your visitors believe those statements from happy customers actually come from real people. Adding photos to your testimonial page can help you generate more gym leads by convincing your audience that there are real people behind all those reviews.

5. Add an intro video

Users expect to get the information they want fast – that’s why videos have emerged as one of the best tools for lead generation.

Also feature as many images of your clients as possible, with permission, to demonstrate your services in action. Prospective clients will be able to see if it looks like the right fit for them.

Bonus tips:

  • Share case studies from past or existing clients
  • Use authentic images
  • Before-and-after examples
  • Brand consistency
  • Add certifications and awards
  • Create helpful content resources
  • Good web design creates trust.
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Hugo van den Black

I started out Empowered by helping out friends in the fitness industry create websites that supported their goals. I also reached out to clients who moved me – like a cancer survivor who used her blog to share her story – to do pro-bono work. Now, I run Empowered full-time. My clients are my biggest motivation, and inspire me to always go the extra kilometre.